Privacy Policy

We will use our best endeavours to safeguard the privacy of our website visitors.
What information do we collect?
We will collect personal details appropriate to the service you require. In some areas, this may simply mean registering your name and email details. Other on-line forms will require more information so that all the appropriate elements of your service request will be dealt with in a timely manner.
What do we use personal information for?
There are various reasons that we need to collect personal data. For example, we may need to ask you for your contact details for correspondence purposes. Subject to your agreement we may contact you to either provide information about new products, or get your feedback on how well we are performing. In any event we will only ever obtain information from you that is 'fit for purpose' and does not constitute an invasion of your privacy.
We guarantee that every online or phone purchase you make from our store is a secure transaction. We do NOT keep any of your credit card or debit card information once the transaction has been processed. All card information is deleted and/or destroyed by shredding directly after each transaction.

Please note that in agreeing to share these details you have not forfeited your rights as prescribed under the Data Protection Act 1998 and we will continue to apply the same level of care to safeguard your privacy and use of your information across all our services.
When completing online forms, we are not using cookies. We do not store this data in a file. It is stored on a database to ensure better safety and security when you are logged in.

For further information regarding this Privacy Statement please contact us.